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iLamp Texas

This is the listing the roll out of iLamp in Texas.

iLamp Texas is the official and exclusive licence holder for the iLamp in Texas. We can manufacture many of the components locally and partner with many companies and municipality mandated to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

We are bringing smart city elements to Texas and the opportunity for all to participate by qualifying licenses and spreading the news and information that iLamp will enhance and improve our State as well as safe guarding us from power markets outside of our control.









  • There are an estimated 626,400 public streetlights in Texas, not including private lighting for carparks, campuses, parking lots, and business parks.

  • Cities and towns across the state have taken Vision Zero commitments to eliminate death and serious injury from traffic crashes. Adding smart streetlights makes it easier for people to avoid crashes, and quicker for emergency services to respond.

  • iLamp presents a unique opportunity for Texas to improve energy efficiency, generate revenue, and promote sustainability, all while modernizing the state's infrastructure. It is a perfect solution for addressing the countries energy, public safety, and job creation concerns.

  • iLamp is modular and can be fitted with a range of modules and sensors ranging from gunshot detection, weather sensors, air quality monitoring and wildfire detection to help monitor and supply live data as situations develop.


Creating Communities of Tomorrow

Through its various sensors and modules iLamp can:

– Provide weather, video, audio, air quality, and crime information remotely
– Boost connectivity and coverage with 4G, 5G and WiFi modules
– Charge electric transport and vehicles with charging modules
– Lower costs with efficient, autonomous and automatic LED lighting at low base costs

These benefits make iLamp the perfect solution for any new or existing development project that is looking to secure recurring revenue, while decreasing their overall costs.

Why buy our license

If you aren’t in the market for a streetlamp, you can still take advantage of the opportunity by buying a royalty license for iLamp. This royalty license generates ongoing revenue for its owners as iLamp Texas make sales and install streetlights.

Buy a license now to reserve your share of each iLamp sale in Texas, and receive a slice of the ongoing revenue generated by iLamp Texas.

Innovative Technology

iLamp is designed to make lives easier and safer, while offering sustainable solutions. iLamp is a Conflow Power Group initiative with full access to all of Conflow’s complementary technologies, including proprietary innovations, joint-venture agreements and licensed technologies.

iLamp’s advanced sensors and modules include:

Self-generating power, keeping lights on when the grid goes out
Monitoring light and visibility levels, only turning on if the light is needed
Wi-Fi hotspot modules, with 4G & 5G towers as options
Gunshot detection module, gunshot detection which can immediately report to emergency services
Drone Guidance module for deliveries, charging, and forest fire prevention
360° Camera module producing a live feed with optical recognition technology
Accurate Weather Monitoring street by street weather sensor to monitor patterns and provide live data
Air Quality monitoring
Electric vehicle charging, with revenue deposited to your account.

Our Customers

iLamp has been created for home owners, neighbourhoods, new & existing property developments, cities, towns and councils to help create communities of tomorrow. We have taken into consideration what these communities need, and offer various features depending on their requirements.

Our customers needs are paramount. As such, we actively encourage user feedback on iLamp’s features. This will enable additional features to be built using the existing sensors, and going forward, additional modular sensors being offered.

iLamp features directly benefit license holders. Any successful revenue generating feature will mean a higher royalty payout.

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