iLamp Texas Corporation Obtains Exclusive Rights to Deliver Solar-Powered, Smart-Module Streetlamps throughout Texas

iLamp Texas Corporation announced today it has successfully secured the full and exclusive rights within the state of Texas for the iLamp in the State of Texas.

iLamp Texas Corporation is helping bring efficient lighting, safety, and useful services to the streets, parking lots, and housing developments throughout the state.”— Dr. Bergen

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2024 / -- iLamp Texas Corporation announced today it has successfully secured the full and exclusive rights within the state of Texas from the Conflow Power Group for the iLamp system, including all current and future applications of the iLamp system for the State of Texas.

The iLamp system offers a solution to municipalities, commercial developers, electricity producers, and homeowners by providing innovative street lighting for safer, smarter, and more sustainable illumination. The iLamp system provides overnight lighting for enhanced security in neighbourhoods, industrial parks, medical, and retail centers without impacting the grid or the environment. Access to the grid from the iLamp system is two-way, with simultaneous reliance on the grid as a backup and the capability of reciprocally providing electricity to the grid. Additionally, intelligent modules available for the iLamp system enable integration into smart city systems for enhanced communications and data-driven applications such as air quality sensors, WIFI, 360-degree cameras, even gunshot detection if required. These capabilities improve monitoring that can result in faster emergency response and better adaptability to environmental and traffic conditions.

Texas is an established juggernaut in the energy industry through oil and gas and as one of the top U.S. producers of solar power behind only California in solar adoption. Last year, Texas led the nation in new solar infrastructure with more than 600 solar companies operating throughout the state, characterizing Texas as a bright light for green energy.

The agreement valued at $20,000,000 between iLamp Texas Corporation and Conflow Power Group provides for full and exclusive rights to sell, distribute, manufacture, market, and sub-license sales territories in Texas. iLamp Texas Corporation offers benefits to both commercial and municipal entities beyond a mere lamp post in the ground. The overall offering can include funding and revenue-generating technologies modularly added to the iLamp system.

Heading up the initial phase of operations at iLamp Texas Corporation is Chief Executive Officer, Delmar Bergen, PhD. Dr. Bergen holds a doctorate in nuclear physics, worked as a nuclear scientist at The University of California’s Los Alamos National laboratory, and was also an advisor to the United States Government, particularly in the arm’s talks focused on Short and Intermediate Range Missile Treaties.

Dr. Bergen said, “Having been a supporter and investor in the iLamp system from the start it made sense to me to bring the iLamp system to my home state. iLamp Texas Corporation is helping bring efficient lighting, safety, and useful services to the streets, parking lots, and housing developments throughout the state. Additionally, we are positioned to sell exclusive sub-licenses to developers and investors seeking to enhance solar offerings at a county level throughout Texas.”

Just two months ago the United Kingdom (UK) signed a new trade pact with Texas structured to boost cooperation in green energy, aerospace and advanced technologies. Following this agreement Conflow Power Group, a UK company, is proud to be signing this agreement with iLamp Texas Corporation to bring its sustainable and smart energy solution to Texas.

Edward Fitzpatrick , Director and Chairman of the Board of Conflow Power Group, said, “Texas moved early and took ground in the alternative energy sector by enacting the Renewable Portfolio Standard back in 1999; it calls for a set amount of power to come from renewable resources. This brought a vital factor to the solar market in Texas and propelled people to pay attention, which we now benefit from, because alternative energy solutions are broadly understood in Texas. The iLamp system offers a unique element to renewable energy in Texas by providing opportunities as a revenue generating streetlamp along with independence, intelligence, and individuality—what we refer to as the 3 i’s. This makes the iLamp system an offering that drives value, data, improved economics, and efficiency one smart lamp post at a time.” He added, “We are thrilled to be in the Lone Star State with this solar-powered solution at a time when Texas is striving to increase gigawatt capacity and operational battery storage.

As part of the transaction, the iLamp Texas Corporation is seeking a location in the Austin area to receive a demo iLamp system in the next few weeks. This demo iLamp system will be 100% off grid with WIFI and 360-degree camera installed. The location will be announced as soon as possible so that any partners, residents, investors, or buyers can be illuminated about the iLamp system.

Full implementation of iLamp Texas Corporation promises to contribute to the health of the local economy by creating jobs including manufacturing, assembly, installation, software, maintenance, and management of the iLamp system

About iLamp Texas

iLamp Texas is a reseller of intelligent outdoor lighting systems that create their own power, while enhancing lives and living environments with smart modules. The values of iLamp Texas Corporation include integrity, environmental stewardship, and continuous research and innovation focused on renewable and sustainable energy use solutions for community needs.