Conflow Power Group Welcomes iLamp Texas as Exclusive Distributor of iLamp Ecosystem in Texas

Conflow Power Group - iLamp Texas, $20 million deal empowers iLamp Texas to sell, distribute, and manage iLamp’s smart streetlight technology.

Texas moved early and took ground in the alternative energy sector by enacting the Renewable Portfolio Standard back in 1999. It calls for a set amount of power to come from renewable resources.”— Edward Fitzpatrick

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 19, 2024 / -- Conflow Power Group welcomes iLamp Texas, who have successfully secured the full and exclusive territorial rights for the iLamp ecosystem, including all current and future applications, for the State of Texas.

Texas, an established juggernaut in oil and gas, also ranks as one of the top U.S. producers of solar power, trailing only California in solar adoption. Last year, Texas led the nation in new solar infrastructure, with its solar market currently valued at $27.8 billion. More than 600 solar companies operate throughout the state, characterizing Texas as a bright light for green energy.

The $20,000,000 deal closed between Conflow Power Group and iLamp Texas provides for full and exclusive rights to sell, distribute, manufacture, market, and sub-license sales of the iLamp’s aggregated technology and unique system. The iLamp solution acts more like an economic engine than just a smart street light, integrating funding and revenue-generating technologies that offer a multitude of services, making iLamp real estate in a pole as well as an essential service to both the commercial and municipal markets.

The concept behind iLamp is to offer a solution to power companies, municipalities, commercial developers, and homeowners. The roadmap for Texas starts with homeowners’ associations to enhance value, experience, security, energy efficiency, and reliability, as well as to support communications and data-driven applications such as air quality sensors, WiFi, 360-degree cameras, and even gunshot detection if required. iLamp takes smart street lights to ultra-smart street systems that triangulate data and information, all using solar as the primary power source.

Heading up the initial phase of operations at iLamp Texas is Dr. Delmar Bergen. Dr. Bergen holds a doctorate in nuclear physics and has worked as a nuclear scientist at The University of California’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. He was also an advisor to the United States Government, particularly in the arms talks focused on the Short and Intermediate Range Missile Treaty.

In the same period that the UK has signed a new trade pact with Texas, in an effort to boost cooperation in green energy, aerospace, and advanced technologies, a UK company (Conflow Power) signs an agreement to bring its new energy solution to the same state. The UK and Texas trade agreement focuses on mutual recognition of engineering qualifications, which will make it easier for Britain to find the talent it needs as it invests in infrastructure. Texas already signed up to a similar deal the UK concluded with the US last year supporting mutual recognition of architects.

Edward Fitzpatrick, Director and Chairman of the Board of Conflow Power Group, said, “Texas moved early and took ground in the alternative energy sector by enacting the Renewable Portfolio Standard back in 1999. It calls for a set amount of power to come from renewable resources. This brought a vital factor to the solar market in Texas and propelled people to pay attention, which we now benefit from, as the market is advanced and well understood in Texas. We bring a unique element to the space by creating the iLamp as a revenue-generating street lamp with independence, intelligence, and individuality as the three I’s: an economic engine that drives value, data, revenue, and efficiency one iLamp at a time.”

He added, “We are thrilled to be in the Lone Star State for solar as a new pioneer bringing another factor that will again propel the market to new heights. We also benefit from the huge built battery storage capacity in Texas. The state already has 5.2 gigawatts of operational battery storage, and that number is expected to climb to 10.9 gigawatts by the end of the year. This is a huge advantage as we roll out Micro Grid systems that take the strain off the grids and, in time, become another new and more efficient grid in its own right. We are still in the infancy of this marketplace and we believe our ideas and solutions are ahead of the current LED-only solutions that we see slowly developing.”

As part of the transaction, Austin will be receiving a demo iLamp in the next few weeks, which will be 100% off-grid with WiFi and a 360-degree camera installed. This is so any partners, residents, investors, or buyers can see it for themselves. The location will be announced as soon as possible.

Full implementation of iLamp Texas promises to stimulate the local economy by creating jobs in various areas, including manufacturing, assembly, installation, software, maintenance, and management of iLamp street-lights and micro-grid systems.

About iLamp Texas

iLamp Texas is a reseller of super-smart green technology, a company focused on implementing smart streetlight systems that create their own power, enhance lives and living environments, and bring an all-inclusive structure and opportunity to all Texans in an intelligent approach to a safer and greener use of power. Our vision is to provide uncompromising integrity, environmental stewardship, continuous research, and emerging green technologies for our customers and partners who are searching for reliable, safe, and affordable renewable energy and street data-based solutions.